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    [Crickhollow] Bread & Jam Theme Night

    Starting March 1st, and continuing every First Friday of the month, Bread & Jam will be host to a monthly Theme Night!

    These special versions of the weekly Bread & Jam will be open to every musician from solo artist to full bands, and optional for all as well.

    Themes will be chosen via a Poll at crickhollowmusic using suggestions from any player posting in the dedicated forum thread.

    You don't even have to be a musician to submit an idea for a Theme.

    More information about this monthly event can be found at crickhollowmusic


    Edit for everyone who didn't know:

    Bread & Jam starts every Friday night at 8pm server time, outside the Prancing Pony in Bree, on Crickhollow.
    Anyone who wants to can join in, either by just sitting and listening, dancing around, or even playing your own music.
    Bands and musicians form a large circle, and play in a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. If you want to play something, all you have to do is ask!
    We love having a variety, from larger bands to duets and soloists.
    We like to keep songs under 5 minutes for the most, to keep the rotation going.
    Sometimes, if you just ask, nobody will mind the occasional longer song. (DJ smoke break)
    Dancers usually fill the middle, and typically face the musicians currently playing.
    One of the best, most wonderful, part of Bread & Jam is when a phenomenal hobbit named Twynk shows up and tells everyone a story. Everyone, musicians and dancers (not Nob, of course, he's too busy) stops what they're doing and sits down to listen to her tale.
    When Twynk's not tale-telling, the /say channel is usually filled with jokes, cheering, laughter, congrats, kisses, and general banter, and a lot of talk about music!
    After Midnight Bread & Jam is a darker beast, we drop the PG rating, and hit the Hard Rock button.
    And we'll sometimes have musicians playing there until 3am...

    There, that's the short version of "What is Bread & Jam?"
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    Luventhariel and Appletart of Second Breakfast, Crickhollow

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    The first Poll results are in, and on March 1st for our first Bread & Jam Theme Night, we'll be playing music from the Psychedelic 60's!

    Break out your bell-bottoms, Moogs, bandanas, sandals, flowers, love beads, gold peace signs, Fender Strats, capri pants, blacklights, go-go boots, bouffant and bowl haircuts, Lava Lamps, and british accents, baby,

    as we travel back in time from Feb 1960's Teen Angel by Mark Dinning hitting #1,

    through the first Moon landing, MLK, JFK, Woodstock and leave off still in the middle of the Vietnam War, through the music of the 60's!
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    Luventhariel and Appletart of Second Breakfast, Crickhollow

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    Bread & Jam 60's Night was far out, man. We heard the Monkees, the Stones, the Doors, the Beatles, the Guess Who, the Grateful Dead, Hendrix, Cream, Iron Butterfly, and a ton more!

    The new Poll for our next Bread & Jam Theme Night, Friday April 5th, is up, and results will be posted in 2 weeks! Go vote! Links in the first post. =)
    Luventhariel and Appletart of Second Breakfast, Crickhollow

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    April 5th's Bread and Jam Theme Night will be "Songs with Female Vocalists".

    Come play with us or listen and dance to tunes sung by Blondie, Abba, Lita Ford, Heart, Cher, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Adele, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, Gwen Stefani, Ella, Babs, Dolly, Linda Ronstadt, Amy Lee, Fleetwood Mac, The Eurythmics , Patsy Cline, Joan Jett, Carly Simon, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, and other female performers for a Girl's Night Out!

    Luventhariel and Appletart of Second Breakfast, Crickhollow

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    May 3rd's Bread & Jam Theme Night will be:

    "Dazed & Confused in That 70's Show"

    Come join us to play or listen to music from the 70's, from early Hard Rock to Disco Fever, from Soul Train to Outlaw Country, TV show and movie Themes, anything and everything 70's.

    Alright, alright, alright.
    Luventhariel and Appletart of Second Breakfast, Crickhollow



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