Hello everyone, I am formerly known as Pewpewmidget of Crickhollow before someone renamed me to Brorcurg.

Anyway, as of recent, I was leveling up a champion, rune-keeper and guardian as well as tried picking up beorning again. I like guard, champ and RK but I couldn't get behind the beorning, the skill trees still don't make any sense to me, and I leveled one to 75 on Windfola.

Anyway, more to on-topic matters, I have a few suggestions after playing my 3 alts to 98, 76 and 75 respectively.

There are hardly any DPS legacies for your belt and too many for your sword. Area of Effect legacy should add the same values as the champion's AoE legacy. Hammer Down's cooldown of 40 seconds and Brutal Assault's cooldown of 20 seconds should get halved. Guardian's Ward legacies should be combined to just one legacy that adds to BPE. Same with Catch A Breath. Guardian's Pledge, Stamp, Sting, Turn The Tables and Warrior's Heart legacy should really be on your belt. We need a Critical Damage weapon legacy. Also, 2 handed LIs shouldn't roll agility.

I am actually quite satisfied with how things are with this class but it would be interesting to see a exclusive Dwarf-RK axe LI and the ability to cast with an axe. Or dual wield rune-stones.

Before Wildermore, I have never had any issue with my power but after I hit level 85, my power started dropping like flies when I entered Wildermore. Bracing Attack heals are pathetic. Press On is only good when you have a bigger morale pool. I have 37.9k at 98 and only get 1.2k morale every 2 seconds for 20 seconds (3% morale every 2 seconds for 20 seconds) and then the cooldown is 3 minutes. The cooldown is ridiculous on it's own. Compared to every other class, champion heals are a joke.

There is also a little bit of a problem with mobs stacking dots, especially at lower level regions and if they are 2-4k per pulse of 2 seconds. For example, burglar dps is so slow at the beginning levels that by the time they are done killing, they bleed out and die.

Other suggestions I would like to make:

Legendary items
Crafted relics, stat legacies and titles are, and have been, outdated since Mordor. Maybe even before.

I would suggest adding IV, V, VI, VII, VIII titles and compendiums, as well as compendiums should only used in legendary crafted relic recipes
IV titles and Compendiums should be found in Far Anorien (Anorien crafting)
V titles and Compendiums should be found in Camp of the Host (Anorien crafting)
VI titles and Compendiums should be found in Udun (Doomfold crafting)
VII titles and Compendiums should be found in Dale (Doomfold crafting)
VIII titles and Compendiums should be found in Skarhald (Ironfold crafting)

I understand that the idea of cooldowns on the crafting guild recipes were to make the grind to Westemnet Master of the Guild take a while but after you are at max rep, everything should be able to be made without a cooldown.
Speaking of cooldowns, the doomfold recipes shouldn't need 'em either.

Last but not least, crafting needs to be a standout from the quest rewards and shouldn't be inferior to instance or raid gear. Star-lit Crystals, Universal Solvents and Dwarrowgleam Shards should be added to the skirmish camp so people could stop running the price up on everyone each time there is an update.

I am posting here since I cannot post it in the appropriate suggestions thread