The top of the list changes for creep should be Reaver dps and warleader buffs/heals as both classes have been left behind for years barely improving all these level caps. These issues are overshadowed by the current GV camps.

Reaver -
+ Damage across the board (Why no one plays this class)
+ Defeat responses need to be scaled/Armor bonuses

Warleader -

+Aura of protection (Armour bonus scaled up or just changed to mitigation instead)
+Aura of command (pretty much useless no one plays reaver and wargs are usually solo, change to +25% Melee, Ranged, Tactical)

Banner values
+Banner of terror (Needs numbers scaled up)
+Banner of horror (Needs numbers scaled up)
+Point defense (Needs numbers scaled up)
+Command Post(In combat morale and power regen = useless)

Class Traits
+Avoidance boost(Currently adds +0.4%/0.5% Block/parry/evade)
+Empowering (Currently adds +1.3% Damage, +0.6% Healing)
+Shield Mastery(Currently adds +1% Block rating)

Racial Traits
+Leader of the orcs (Mastery)
+New breed (Armour value --->> Changed to Raw mitigations)
+Tireless warrior(Useless in combat regen +1200 ICMR, +300 ICPR)
+Brutal persuasion(+Crit rating)

Speed Buff
Remove the unable to evade/parry/block as a buff shouldn't nerf you.

Healing (Mastery does very little to increase war leader healing unlike defiler)

+Crack the whip (Just a skill u spam to get quitters off cool down really use to be worthwhile, currently a laughable skill)
+Quit Whining and Fight! (A bit better than crack the whip but still doesn't do a whole lot, only used to get Quitters off Cooldown)
+Quitters Never Win (Quite a decent heal if it criticals, sub par when doesn't crit, lack luster for the emergency heal while all other healing is tied down to this) Range increase 15.2M ----->> 20.2M same range as Quit whining and fight and get a grip.
+Enhanced skill: Snap Out Of It(HoT) (The heal overtime is unnoticeable it needs to be pumped up and even requires a class trait slotted)
=Get a grip (Fine as is/shared with Black Arrows Quitters never win duplicate)

All war leader heals are underwhelming while barely moving your morale bar being crit reliant , morale pools are high while WL heals are low.