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    anvil goat quest

    OK, so I completed the anvil raid and it says I'm supposed to talk to Horin just outside the anvil. So I enter the raid and find him before the anvil but there's no way to interact to him. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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    I believe you are supposed to talk to Horin bear the exit after completing the raid, and then speak with him in the landscape near the entrance to the anvil to complete the quest.

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    I had the same issue. I think what we did “wrong” was that you talk to him while you are still in the instance that you just completed. So after the run and the grims and surviving, I’m assuming you just keep walking and you see Horan within that instance. It’s not intuitive and not clear as it says “outside the anvil”. I actually left the instance and road all the way up on the map for no reason.

    BUT- I put in a ticket in game, and a GM advanced the quest for me, which was awesome. After that, you have talk to one more NPC but he is not inside the instance.

    Good luck!
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    Oh, thank you guys. I hope a GM will help me :P

    edit: a GM helped me to progress the quest
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    When you get to this point in the quest and the dwarves are still fighting the drakes at the beginning of the instance, just run past them and it should trigger the death of the drakes. Then your quest guy should be available to turn in the quest (again, inside the instance)
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    Just adding that this has been fixed, as of the 2/4 patch/update. If you exited the instance without talking to Horin, you can now open the raid and talk to Horin at the entrance to advance the quest. You'll then have to talk to Nori in the Wyrmgap to complete it.
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