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    The 'Common Folk' Challenge

    Over the years I have played on many different servers and with many different ways of playing. I have played around with Alts on my main server and decided to come back to one of my old servers to experience the game in an entire different way. I have deleted all my old characters from this server and am starting fresh with something that I call the Common Folk Challenge. This is meant to be a fun casual way to experience the game and is based off of the theory that we all are not 'superheros' capable of great feats. Some of us are just regular citizens of Middle-Earth trying to do our part in the battle with the evil that has fallen upon the lands.

    To that end the Common Folk Challenge has the following rules to govern how a character will be played,

    - Only use Auto-Attack to cause direct damage as primary attack.
    - Can use any item that is created by the Crafting System (even if it causes damage, buffing or healing).
    - Can use any clickable skill that is gained as a Racial Trait (even if it causes damage, buffing or healing - Head Butt or Throw a Stone for example).
    - Passive (non-clickable) skills gained by selection (investment of points) in the Trait Tree are allowable.

    - Do not use any clickable skills (Class or Trait Tree) that causes direct damage, buffing or healing.
    (Exception: Stances, such as Hunter stances, and summon a pet for Lore- Master.)

    The use of any other equipment or items that come from normal game play can be used as per normal. As you can see this will greatly reduce the ability to play a class and create a whole new twist on the game. If anyone wishes to join me on this little adventure of casual fun to break the 'day-to-day' normal playing then please feel free to roll a new character and search me out in-game under the Kinship that I created for this called Common Folk (officially called 'of the Common Folk').
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