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    What needs to happen with Burgs.

    We need our trait tree ratings/skills/effects scaled.

    Red line is mostly ok, just needs a dps boost to compensate for the reveal weakness nerf, trait tree ratings and skills need scaling. We need to be in melee range in medium armor and in position to damage a single target, our DPS output should reflect this.

    Yellow line is the raid burg, the problems stem from low powered debuffs, unscaled skills/heals and the conjunction/fellowship manouvre mechanics. If FM's are now defunct then clever retort needs to be updated for new non FM effects for our trick removals. DPS needs to be effective and tricks need to be stackable, eg the trickster capstone should be the default for the line, one of each trick running on a target, mostly tricks will be applied briefly to be removed for the removal effect and 1 or two tricks running all the time. The line needs to be effective in a T2 raid setting, a new capstone for reveal weakness to bring it back to what it was or even more powerful seeing as it can no longer be stacked would be nice. Make a yellow burg a raid necessity.

    Blue line, like the yellow line tricks, gambles need to stack, effects need updating/scaling. Also burgs have no AoE for clearing trash mobs, I would love to see the gamblers strike, exposed throat and gamblers advantage skills all become AoE skills that effect 1 to 6 targets in true gambler fashion. A way of spreading bleeds/gambles to multiple (random, 1 to 6) targets like the old guardian bleed spreading would be nice.

    There isn't really an awful lot wrong with the burg class if FM's are either made relevant or removed and the trait tree effects/skills get scaled up to end game standard, eg % based heals on self and targets.

    Things I would love to see:
    1. Melee range increased to the same as other melee classes.
    2. Lower cooldown on cunning attack to 3s
    3. Lower cooldown on sneak to 3 or 5s, we kill quick and have to stand around waiting to enter stealth again.
    4. Animation on surprise strike redone/lowered
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    Blue line should get the opportunity for the crippling debuffs it offers to be useful in raids, just as it was at 60-75.
    If the way debuff gambles are applied is fixed, I could see a real future for a blue/yellow burglar (or yellow/blue) as a debuffer in 6 and 12-mans.
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    Sorry for replying to my own post, but TL;DR:

    Burgs need to offer a group something truly distinctive that no other class can offer.

    At the moment they don't. Debuffs are handled by LMs, who offer more all-round utility. Raid bosses are immune to FMs/CJs. Stealth is irrelevant in group play.

    If burgs are to make a comeback to the glory days of levels 50-75 (anyone remember a 3 green/2 blue FM saving a group from a wipe? I do!) then SSG needs to give them such an ability.
    105s: Aedfrith (HN), Aldnoth (CP), Brai (RK), Hrolfdan (MN), Aeldfryd (WD), Morriarty (CH), Aednoth (LM), Mishhar (BR), Hraldan (GR), Rummbold (BG). Tinies - Rumbelina (MN), Aenghus (CP)
    Rangers of Eriador (officer), ex-Snowbourn now Laurelin - A Noob for All Seasons

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    It was always extremely satisfying planning a FM around a boss mechanic to save the run. One that springs to mind is green/blue for the final boss in grand stair after he did the large aoe attack.

    Edit: You could always tell an experienced group from an inexperienced one based on their ability to do a FM. The really great ones were very complicated and required pre-planning.

    Then all the bosses with newer content became entirely immune to CC. What was wrong with the 1 minute FM/stun immunity after a successful FM/stun? 5 seconds out of 60 is not exactly overpowered.



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