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    Constant crashes / Game unplayable

    The memory leaks on the Mac client have become catastrophic. Many of us saw crashes in Bree and parts of Rohan but now, the stability of this game across multiple areas is awful. Regardless of graphics settings, the client will "crash unexpectedly". The game ran somewhat OK prior to a couple patches ago and reinstall hasn't helped. It's clear the Devs have abandoned support for Mac and aren't doing any type of Mac regression testing prior to putting these patches out. Any decent amount of QA testing would have uncovered that they have, yet again, introduced memory leaks that will crash on MacOS.

    Well done, devs.

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    Currently crashing regularly but unpredictably: often at zone transitions, but sometimes also simply while galloping along on warhorse. This particularly acutely since the latest update.

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    Could be the graphics load/loading between areas. I have a video card with 4 GB (didn't plan to; it was the one available when the older one died) in a PC with 8 GB ram, and it was stuttering all the time. Finally I reduced the video buffer in the settings to 15%, and set a maximum frame rate at 60 per second, and suddenly I can ride through Minas Tirith for hours, up and down the slopes, on fast stable horses, enter buildings and the cisterns, run out onto the Pelennor and back, and the game doesn't crash. Maybe I was extremely lucky, yet maybe these settings did it. You should give them a try.

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