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    How are Legendary Servers Going?

    I'm curious since I stopped logging in a while back how things are going. I absolutely loved the LS for the first couple weeks, got my guard to about 30 before I stopped logging in. I am assuming going back now most people are maxed out and the community feel at low level is gone, but curious to see what people think who are still on there. I was on Ithil, but feedback for either is welcome!
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    I was on today, my character is mid 20s, was still very easy to get in a GB group, all the major instances seem to be played fairly regularly, saw a number of AG, Fornost and Anuminas instances being formed as well. I think the hump will occur once Moria is out and people level beyond 50, once the distance between where you are and where everyone else is starts to widen then you can easily get left behind.

    I enjoy the legendary server, however, I think it was a mistake to go down this route, they have fragmented a lot of servers and plunged a lot of kins into chaos, making it harder for the players that were left behind to go on they way they were. I have seen a number of kins disband and a lot of people leave the game as a result. I have limited my play time on the legendary server so as not to disrupt the kin I was with, which is why I am only mid 20s and only have one character.

    I think they have undone the benefits that were seen from merging servers, people on world having a lot more issues putting pugs together. I can tell how bad things get based on how many unsolicited messages my tank, healer and LM get when I am online with them.



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