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Thread: More Taxidermy

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    More Taxidermy

    Suggestion is in two parts and should be fairly simple:

    1. More variety in creatures we can get taxidermied. Maybe some turtles, sickle-flies, boars, even undead and orcs. I like the idea of putting a whole stuffed menagerie on display of all the creatures we can encounter.

    2. More forms of each individual creature you can taxidermy. For example, you can get a cave troll head trophy, but I'd like to see a full cave troll item too. Or a white wolf head in addition to the full white wolf we can already get.

    Here's the Store twist (which seems to be a requirement for any idea to be accepted): have special versions available to buy with LP. Maybe the stands they're mounted on are gold, or the creatures are bigger, or they have a special skin on them.
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    +add taxidermy deeds

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    agree more stuffed things.
    add a giant turkey boss and let's stuff that.
    but with all these new zones I am sure there are some critters somewhere that can drop a Pristine Hide/scale/toenail

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    Would love to see more taxidermy trophies added.

    What's more: There ARE already in-game assets for more taxidermy trophies! The taxidermist room in Bree has a boar head mounted on a wall - why not make a boar trophy from this already-existing item? So many boar-slayer quests, still not a single boar trophy. Let's have moar boar trophies!
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