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    ettemoors get new life to it

    hi all this is asbadleg of landrovil i love playing at the moors BUT moors looks dead !! this is my idea why dont you make ettenmoors a pvp server that combien al servers only for pvp so all servers can have fun again at the ettenmoors then we have enough combined creeps and freeps again and yes its easier to transfer to a pvp have lots ,but the more to marrier and have one kick … moors server and so you can stil stay at your own server whit your own friends and kinnies

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    They won’t even fix the fact creeps can’t BUY something (keys) in the store... despite this being broken for 3-4 months. I mean if they don’t even give a sh*t about this populations ability to spend money on the game do you really think they will give a sh*t to do this? I’m not saying your idea is bad or anything, it’s been suggested a lot. I’m simply saying SSG gives ZERO f*cks about pvp and it’s population or enjoyment. If you want action, consider a transfer to Ark it’s the last bastion of pvmp in Lotro.
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    I’m thinking from a technical stand point there might be a lot of lag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymphonic View Post
    I’m thinking from a technical stand point there might be a lot of lag.
    Why? Are you assuming that there would be a huge influx of eager PvPers? I don't think so.

    Did you play Asheron's Call, back in the day? Do you remember the first couple of years, when the world-selection screen would display the current player-character population of each server? And the PvP world, Darktide, always had about a tenth the population of any of the others?

    And yet people who had played all the other games (at that time, the late 1990s) told me that AC's PvP system was really good.

    In any case, Turbine learned over the course of AC and AC2 that special-rules servers don't pay for themselves.
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