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    High-Elf Starter *Area* Problematic

    2 Things:

    1. Made a High-Elf Champion recently. Elrond's mega-rewards quest has option for a 2-handed sword -- but Champs cannot use 2-handers at level 4. This error should be fixed as follows: Since Champs CAN Dual-wield, give options for TWO Champ-appropriate weapons (yes, a pair or weapons.) (I shake my head in incredulity that I need even point this out. Maybe it has been elsewhere...)

    2. High-Elfs emerge from the intro instance at level 4. Why is this?! We receive items that we cannot even use or open at level 4 !!! HE's should either: emerge at level 5/6, or get additional non-combat quests to get us to level 5/6, or the items level requirements should be changed appropriately. (Again, where is Quality-Control here?) [>>> Note that other races generally emerge from starter areas at level 7/8...]


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    For the level a high elf exits the intro, are you on one of the new servers? The xp reduction affects the burst of xp you are meant to get at the end of the intro, so you end up behind in level based on other races that had more quests. SSG knows this and seems to be ok with it.

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    Yes, it is on Anor server. I had forgotten the -40% xp rate. Ty for the reminder.

    You'd think (I know: logic) that the Story Pace would be exempted from the High-Elf intro. Too much foresight required, apparently. I stopped playing on regular servers so I forget what level they cough out a High-Elf.

    SSG seems to be OK with much that is not OK.


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    related to the starter area: I came back to Lotro a few days ago, decided to buy the High Elf. Did the intro story, and when that was done I got "dumped" into Celondim. I do have to say that I was a bit bummed by that. I was hoping to see a new starting area, especially after being in a totally different area in the intro.
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    I started a new character and picked High Elf Hunter and encountered the same problems you noted (except for the 2h the dual wield naturally works as intended for hunter) and upon exiting I was expecting the runspeed boost from the pocket item..... it never came in the mail like it is supposed to and the runspeed boost of hunter does not kick in until the level that the pocket item becomes useless which IIRC is level 15. SSG makes so many mistakes these days and the vast majority are not even thought out at all. That said it is still a great game and fun to play, I just wish they would use the Bullroarer server to greater effect and fix the problematic areas like Minas Tirith being a nightmare to move around or swift travel from. Time and again I get booted from the game in MT for no good reason and randomly at that.



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