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    New Player GMT+10 Looking for Kinship

    Good Day,

    I am looking for a group of people to join for any level of gaming from casual grouping to high end.. I am more interested in a strong social aspect. I prefer communication to be in channels due to needing to keep my ears available for my kids (RL). Roleplaying would be great, but I prefer it be non-sexual, fantasy based. (like living the book/movies) I hope for there to be a strong player base active during my hours. (GMT+10 Guam/AUS time - I live in Saipan)

    Please let me know in game or here, my name in game is Kaniddar. (Warden in case I needed to roll solo permanently lol)

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    Maybe I set the bar too high? lol

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    Not at all. The forums aren't as active as one might wish You're welcome to join the Laurelin RP Discord (link in my signature). We'd love to have you!
    Owner - Laurelin RP Group Discord server - https://discord.me/laurelinrp

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    This might be a bit late, but you can also look up the kinship "Those who wander". A slow leveling kinship that goes each 10 levels with each other. they are currently at lvl 40.
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