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    The beard bug is back

    I only noticed because I went past a dwarf without a beard - he was wearing the Fine Grey Company set. Loaded my own dwarf who has the same set, checked it, and it seemed to be alright - wait, he is wearing a hooded cape, and the eye at the corner of the headpiece icon is closed...

    As soon as I made the hood 'visible' (that is, changed the eye to 'open'), the beard was gone. The hood itself was not displayed on my dwarf, as the hooded cload was overriding it, but even then the face was shaven clean. As soon as I turned the not really visible hood to 'invisible', the beard was back.

    Please fix that.

    Edit: I just noticed that this bug does not happen with the Cloak of Isildur, and the bounder's hat beneath. Yet I saw another dwarf who was affected, who was wearing a top hat and a plain hooded cloak. This seems to be a bit more complicated that I first thought.

    Greetings, Polymachos
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