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    Display is too red... sometimes

    Okay, so I just started playing this game on my new laptop, but currently have 6 years on the game across other computers. My issue is this: when I load the game and it comes to the character selection screen, from there on out, the environmental display is oddly red. The NPCs and other Players in game aren't effected, and the UI isn't effected. It's only the environment. What's more, is that sometimes it will render with the correct hue, and everything will be good. But If I look around, it'll turn back to the red hue. And when I look away it'll turn back to the normal Hue. So It seems like there's something in the environment that triggers the rendering to be too red.

    I am running DX11 on this system, and used the detect optimal settings button.

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    I just returned to the game this morning after not playing for 6 months and am having the same issue. I also am using dx 11, but if switch to low graphics it goes away. I am playing an the same computer I played on for the last several years.

    Anyone with advice would helpful

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    I'm getting a brown hue. I also got a, new for me, used laptop.
    I thought my laptop doesn't like this game.
    I'm like because its touch screen its going througth an unsupport funk.

    Not sure if it has been fix. Since I spent days redownloading. I wanted steam to count my hours.
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