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    Quote Originally Posted by Rimenuir View Post
    lmao that was quick, so uhhhh wtb Goodguysmaug???
    What happened to the OP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MithrielWielder View Post
    As long as they let people go to Bullroarer to scope out exploits these threads and titles are meaningless. We all know exactly what is going to happen, and we know when it is going to happen. Clears on day 1, followed by a week of these so called raiding kins gearing up using exploits, then loud cries that the raid is too easy and the exploits should be turned off to prevent common players from getting the raid gear. They do not want to compete against other players on the same basis. They only want to compete against other exploiters. Everyone else is to be shut out of this new content, even though we all help to pay for its development. Any account who logged into Bullroarer should be barred from entering the raid for two weeks, and barred from any raid completion titles. Wouldn't it be nice if for once they didn't make any changes to the raid once its released, and allowed ALL players to enjoy the same content on the same basis ? Instead, I guess were in for the same as the last 10 years: after its release they make it harder, so that only those who exploited in the 1st week have the gear and are able to easily complete it (yes the exploitation timeframes have gotten much shorter but the pattern started with Moria).
    That's why in every single raid progression thread there is at least one video when you can clearly see that no exploit has been used to complete the raid. Of course none will upload it in the first day, would be too easy for low IQ people to steal the strats. Game is easier each uptade, and this time they didn't even create challenge.

    Keep blaming exploit on an easy game when the only problem is you, and your gameplay. I can bet, you are this kind of people QQing about macros too, isn't it ?

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    A new thread will have to be created for this as the OP was using multiple accounts on the forums, and they have been culled down to one.
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