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    Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands

    Hello. I just started playing in Eryn Lasgalen. I saw an NPC in Felegoth, Quartermaster (Elves of Felegoth Rewards) with Thranduil's armour (medium armour) My character is a Lore-master. Where can Lore-masters acquire light armour in Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands region? Sorry for my English, I can't speak it so well.

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    Armor for Lore-Masters (light armor) is at quartermaster in Dale

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    It is indeed. Problem is, Dale questline, even fully accelerated, does not get you anywhere close to kindred, needed to barter for said armor. You are likely to hit 120 and be after dwarf-holds arrmor long before you earn ability to get Dale stuff.

    Though, I am talking teal stuff here + gold essences. I think there WAS cheaper purple gear with lower faction requirements - but it was barely an upgrade over much easier to get Doomfold crafted...

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    Killing Rats in Agarnaith and Spiders in Lhinghris will help you out here. Tasks are your friend.
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    Medium armour and matching jewellery is at Felegoth (North Mirk elves).
    Light armour and matching jewellery is at Dale.
    Heavy armour and matching jewellery is at Erebor.

    Some might based jewellery is available at Felegoth since Beornings are a might based medium armour class, so heavy armour classes could find some useful jewellery upgrades in Felegoth.

    Pay attention to task items that earn rep in this zone. Elves have two rep items, Men of Dale have two items, Erebor Dwarves only have one item (from memory).
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    Thank you all. Your replies helped me out.



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