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    Class Deed unlocks in store

    Honestly if there was an unlock in the store that auto completed all your class deeds you could buy for like 1000lp I'm gonna be honest with you guys, I would buy that on every alt I have. Some of the class deeds in this game have become simply annoying to aquire. There is no difficulty, just tedium. Rez deeds anyone? What about use x ability u dont have in the current tree you are in 1000 or 1500 times just because. Enough already.

    SSG likes money. I have money. I will give them money to give me class points and complete the class deeds. Think of the possibilities. I am aware its an aria of the valar unlock but leg. servers don't have valar unlocks.


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    Agreed. Class Deeds are painful and one of the reasons I left the game for almost 2 years. Grinding out and min/maxing alts is so time consuming it simply isn't worth it. I would be much more likely to make additional characters and USE them for more than just looting ingredient crates every day (AKA I would probably spend more money on milestones, virtues etc.).
    Gaii (105 RK) / Shokti (105 Minstrel) / Cybele (105 LM)



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