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    Looking for a hoodless version of a specific cloak

    I have found the perfect cloak for my favorite outfit I've made on my Warden. I love Rohan, my character is from Rohan, and the outfit I've worn from the start is Rohan themed. The Fangorn reputation cloak (or the Tailor's Guild Fangorn cloak, not sure if you can get it that way), is absolutely perfect for what I need. It has the horse insignia in the middle, fur lining the top of it, and beautiful black and gold trim around a lovely green color. The only problem is, it has a hood. Now, on male characters, I don't mind a hood for certain outfits, a Ranger or thief, or something like that. On female characters, and on most outfits I make, I don't like hoods. They look ugly or too bulky, and they mess with the armor in some cases. I cannot find this cloak without a hood attached, and I've looked in every place I can imagine. So, I thought I'd turn here to see if anyone has seen this cloak design available anywhere in the game without a hood. I don't care if it's from a quest, from a raid, from PvP, I just NEED this cloak for my character to be truly complete. I'll attach a couple of screenshots of the cloak I'm talking about, with the stupid hood on it. Thanks for your time and your help!


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    As far as I know, there isn't a hoodless version of that cloak. All of the crafted, bartered, and landscape HD-exclusive cloaks came with hoods. I don't know why SSG's (or Turbine's back then) art department didn't add hoodless alternatives.

    Unless someone can prove my statement wrong (some of those HD cloaks would be gorgeous without them), you'll unfortunately have to make do or find an alternative. Wish I cold be of more help, but, like you, I haven't encountered any.



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