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    LotRO activates my headphone mike - make it stop :)

    When I log in to LotRO my headphone mike turns on. No other game or application does this. Is there some game setting or driver I could uncheck? My headphone is also playing every sound around me via the mike. If I wanted to hear my kids argue I never would have put the headphones on.


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    Do you have Voice Enabled checked under Options/Audio? If so, uncheck it and see if that turns it off. If that doesn't fix it, one of the other settings down there might. Push to talk, maybe?

    Other than that you're probably looking at disabling the mic in your computer's audio settings.

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    You probably have voice activation set up in the settings instead of either push to talk or voice chat disabled.
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    Thanks all - sadly none of that worked. I'll keep digging

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    One suggestion based on past experience

    It's possible you have your Voice Capture Threshold set too low; check it under Systems>Options>Audio near the bottom and try increasing it to eliminate the pick-up of background sounds. Use Mic Test to get a delayed copy thru your headset of what the mic is picking up and adjust the Threshold level to suit you.

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    No ON/OFF for the Mic on the Headphone or its software? That would be very strange.
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