The year draws to a close. The midnight hour is near. Middle-earth has witnessed many many things this last year, for good and for ill. But now we stand at a crossroads, the past behind us and the future in front, ours to take. As a wise man once said, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

Let us bring in the New Year with celebration! Let us remember those we have left behind but be joyous for those still with us, standing by our side.

This year we will meet where the road began, with a determined Thorin Oakenshield, leave great halls behind him and heading East towards a dragon and his destiny. Join us outside Thorin’s Hall, Ered Luin.

There we will set off fireworks, fly kites, drink good ale, sing and dance and music will be played. We will party like there is no tomorrow!

The road goes ever on…

OCC Details
A social gathering for New Year’s Eve, organised by Ranatuor. Musicians, bands and storytellers are welcome to take the stage to delight the gathered party goers. This is a social gathering, RP is of course welcome but not required.

With great deliberation on several locations, it has been decided to host the event in a place significant to the Dwarves… Thorin’s Hall, Ered Luin.

With Update 23: Where Dragons Dwell released, this year it will be nice to party at the place significant to Durin’s Folk. When Erebor fell to the terror of Smaug, the Dwarves of that Kingdom wandered for long, searching for a new home. They came to the Blue Mountains and forged a home, Thorin’s Halls. It was from here that the great hero Thorin Oakenshield led a band of thirteen Dwarves, one Hobbit and a Wizard towards Erebor. It was this journey, the Quest of Erebor, that led to the eventual downfall of not only Smaug but also Sauron.

Location: outside Thorin’s Hall, Ered Luin.

Since Laurelin is an EU server, in reality players on Laurelin will see the New Year in at different times. Rather than set one time, which excludes others, from at least 15.00 /servertime (8pm UK), there will be a presence at Thorin’s Hall to celebrate with others.

To assist you work out when that all is, below is a time-zone comparison chart, based on GMT (UK) times and their /servertime equivalent.

Time-zone comparison – using GMT (UK) as a basis:
9pm -> 16.00 /servertime (Russia)
10pm -> 17.00 /servertime (Finland | Ukraine)
11pm -> 18.00 /servertime (France | Germany | Norway | Poland | Spain | Sweden)
12am -> 19.00 /servertime (UK)
5am -> 00.00 /servertime (USA East Coast)

What will we do?
This will be a RP-lite event, you can RP if you want to, but please note there will be others attending who won’t be RPing at all.

Fireworks will be set off! Supplies available.
Drinks and food will be consumed.
Dancing & Singing.
Music – all musicians and storytellers are welcome to perform!