So first of all: This is just a subjective opinion of me and maybe this results in a normal discussion about the different classes.

I am a little bit concerned about the general balance which leaves much to be desired at the moment but let's get to the classes

Hunter: Is a pure damage class and should make the moste singledamage in the game with a certain distance already to the other classes because he does not have much else for the group. That means in my opinion, the damage would have to be increased a bit (the yellow line would have to be edited because it is quite useless at the moment)

Burglar: He was next to the Loremaster a very good cc class with a pretty good single target damage. For some time, but he somehow just run alongside and urgently needed to be edited in all lines as I think

Loremaster: It's still the best CC class and it should stay in my eyes. He just does too much damage in my eyes and I say that as someone who likes to play his Loremaster on damage. What is really bad in my eyes is the 20 seconds stun immunity with 18 seconds cooldown. It is an open secret that this was changed at the time because of PVP but it should be 30 seconds

Ministrel: There is, in my opinion, the biggest work. He is the main healer for me (and I want to make it clear that we also heal all raids and instances on all levels) but gets less outgoing healing than the Runekeeper which in my eyes is very funny. The group healings are almost as cheeky to describe, the former main healing encouragement must be urgently processed and that the resurrection and the chord no healing over time triggers is also known for months but nothing happens. So, as far as outgoing healing and healing attentiveness is concerned, much needs to be done. Again, the yellow tree is useless at the moment

Captain: In addition to the ministrel, the class that needs a major overhaul. Absolute hell for questing because it hardly damages. The former good blue line as off healer is not really good at the moment either. Yellow line is okay in my eyes but the other lines should be adjusted

Guardian: Except for a few little things and bugs actually very well set up (The bug list is posted elsewhere in the forum and has long been known). What I've never understood is the processing of the challenge where the cooldown was set to 60 seconds and was 30 seconds ago. the forced aggro has always been 10 seconds and therefore the change was completely not clear to me. that he got more damage is nice but in my opinion was not necessary because you could play everything without major problems. Maybe it took a little longer but what the class is a tank and no damage class. Again, the yellow line requires a revision

Champion: Is also a damage class and should do the biggest damage to the area which he might even do but is for a long time very disadvantaged as far as the instances because he is simply not suitable for many because he is close combatants and thus simply disadvantaged. The Blue Line is quite nice but he is a champion and should not have to serve as a tank

Runekeeper: One thing first: I like to play mine very much but I'm also honest: he just does too much damage. He's a hybrid class for me and it can not be that he can easily keep up with Champion and Hunter from damage and can fill in other roles very well, which brings me to his healing: he heals too much in the opposite direction to a Ministrel Single target and has 90% outbound healing where the Ministrel has only 80%. Where is the meaning please? But here too something would have to be done on the yellow line and if only the range is raised by 10 meters

Beo: This was edited first what he urgently needed but now I have certain questions: What should he show in the foreground? A Damage Dealer? A healer? A tank? Because he is in a good mood at the moment and looking at the other classes, he should be specialized in one thing. That means if he is Damagedealer he should not be able to heal and tank so well. If he is a healer he should not be able to do so much harm and not be able to tank so well. If he is tank he should not be able to heal so well and not do so much damage. If he can really do everything and how the runekeeper in my eyes be a hybrid, he should just be in the fields quite well but just not as good as the respective Main class

Warden: The only class I can not judge right because its the only one who does not have a high level on my Account because i never really like the class (Mine ist just lvl ~ 50) . this is NO attack on the class as i said i just do not like it so i leave the assessment to others

I also want to make it clear that I do not require any nervs of any of the classes but simply an adaptation of the others (for example the healing of the Ministrel, Captain etc)

And I apologize for the partly bad English but I'm German