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    Story of Courage cast time.

    Minstrel is the only healer that has non-instant cure, more over it has 3 seconds cast time. It's very inconvenient and dangerous to say the least. While playing solo I found myself using potions most of the time, because 3 seconds under being hit, with the chance being interupted, stuned, knocked or delayed, can cost one life. At the same time Rune Keeper, Beorning and even Captain (inspite of his 30 seconds cd) just use their instant abilities to cure and they still have a potion as back up, having one additional advantage over Minstrel that has already used a potion. In group enviroment it is even worse: you have to choose between healing and curing. And it's not an easy choice if someone's morale is rather low.

    So, could we please have the cast time removed from Story of Courage?

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    Story of Courage removes effect from entire fellowship, with all buffs, induction is very short. I have no problem to use Story of Courage while healing. This skill is slow only on solo play in red.
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    So what? It does not change the fact that everyone else has an instant cure.

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    LM's Knowledge of Cures has induction, if not yellow traited. Minstrel cure whole fellowship, with cooldown only 10s, there must be drawback.
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    Ilwee - Warden, Krindel - Minstrel, Krinborn - Lore-Master, Gislin - Burglar

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    I agree with OP. Healing is the Minstrel's domain. IT IS WHAT WE DO. Our removal skill is ridiculous.

    This skill needs to either:

    1) Instacast
    2) Remove more than 1 set of status effects

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    /signed Story of Courage takes too long to cast.

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    I agree there are scenarios in which you have to choose between healing or curing. However, this is kind of challenging, hence interesting to play through. In addition, the ability's induction time is affected by follow up, thus can be shortened. Lastly, as a purely healing class it kind of makes sense to be depended on fellows of yours for dispellable effect removal. Protect your healer is as old a principle as MMO RPGs. Once upon a time in LOTRO curing effects was almost viewed as a role that could be executed by very few classes, making it part of the reasons a fellowship or raid needed them. Remember when specific classes could remove specific effects? Happy times.

    All in all, the ability is adequately functional, although it could use some fine-tuning to become more interesting, especially since the resistance rating buff it offers is kind of outdated.
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