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    Beorning armor conversion?

    Popped ingame after the last patch to see the latest update to our beornings. Spent my class trait points and messed around with the new skills a bit, then went to look at my gear. In the notes it states that lvl 116-120 gear will be converted to heavy from medium..... but not one of my pieces has changed. It's still worded as medium and, in comparing it to other medium classes, the stats line up with medium gear vs hvy. Did I miss a step in converting this gear? I assumed this change was automatic.

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    Adventurer's Gear (gear from the boxes you could barter for Embers Of Enchantment) wasn't converted, medium armour from Seregost wasn't converted as well.
    I don't know if this will be adressed, but unless you play blue line it doesn't really matter.

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    My armour hasn't changed either , I've spent a lot of motes on the 18% light gear for my beorning , at 1,750 motes a piece I won't be happy if its been a waste of time

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    With nearly daily updates / hot fixes, is there any movement on this issue ? My lvl 115 medium armour tots up to 9,170 motes and still hasn't been changed to heavy. Any advice would be nice, I'm not sure wether to log a ticket , wait to see what happens, or just accept it as a loss and regear


    So after re-reading the patch notes and the above post , they only changed the 116 and above armour , my bad, so thats those motes down the pan , thanks ....
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    Still waiting to find out if I need to start farming gear again on a capped Bear. In clarification, armor purchased from the quartermaster with Marks of the Longbeards (boots) did, indeed, convert to Heavy Armor. However, the specialized Beorning Armor purchased with embers from the Teal Box quartermaster did not convert.

    Will these convert in a future fix/update? Or do I need to acquire new gear to replace these pieces that remained Medium Armor? Inquiring minds want to know.



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