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    Angry How Fu£%ing SAD

    You have gone one to far this time, burgs are now absolutely useless in group content, they bring nothing to the table that every other class can do better.

    In an already melee unfriendly update, you gimp futher an already gimped class, and yet your soon to release a new melee unfriendly raid that no burgs going to get invited to.

    Lm's debuff better
    hunter,rk,champ,even lm's do more damage over the course of a instance

    If you think revealing mark was so game breaking to pve then why the F$&K does mini still have anthem of war +15% tactical on a 100% uptime surely that is just as OP to rk's who is the only tact dps class as revealing is to a hunter.

    HOW ON EARTH was touch and go so OP ? does the burg dev play a damn Blackarrow and have some vandetta vs burgs, because if he did he would be please to know his traps can literally kill any melee players, and he has to contribute nothing more than placing them in order to win, the nerf wasnt necessary.

    And For PVE ??? Touch and go in a end game instance or raid, yea haha, maybe if i misclicked it, no burg uses it in instances or raids and if they did, its barely OP considering its usually a mix of phys/tact.

    ABSOLUTE JOKE of an update, you ask for feedback take non onboard reply to absolutely nobody, even though there are 10-20 threads about it, not to mention 8 pages on the feedback thread a DEV created , and yet not a single response just utter silence.

    Who ever is in charge of burgs should be Ashamed of what you have contributed to a already forgotten class,

    AND YOU put resistance on revealing mark ??? WHEN THE F !!!! do we need resistance when we are a physical class, in a raid you may say hahaha yea right, burgs aint never getting into any more raids as they contribute nothing, and are just excess baggage you have to carry along with you

    And that is just burgs dont even get me started on healing

    Beornings pushing out 50-80k HPS vs a minis 20-25k hps

    Thats like making a cappys do more dps than a hunter, beorn's are a support class under no circumstances should they exceed the class who's main role is to heal, i dont see rk's challenging guardians to tank TG t3, but under your current progression of ruining the mechanics and the game im sure it wont be long before they do.

    You really are making half arsed updates ingnoring everything fundemantal about the game.
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    Notice how there barely are any people playing Yule festival?
    Bad nerfs clearly stating that they really don't know how the class works and are clueless.
    Not repairing bugs on characters or instances but instead introducing new ones.
    Amateurs nerfed an already underpowered class.
    Way to go SSG.

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    Nerfing Touch and Go... too mad to even bother with an intelligent response. Obviously logic and common sense doesn't apply in dev decision making so the only response that seems appropriate is ...FU!

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