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    Beorning Weapons

    1) Vastin has stated that Dual Wield mechanics are not currently integrated into bear form fighting, so Beornings should use 2H weapons to gain best effect. So...

    2) I recommend that the weapons that Beornings receive during their Introduction should be changed to 2H Clucbs or Axes, AND a Bow.

    3) I noticed on the Bullroarer server that there are no Beorning appropriate 2H weapons thru Level 50, and to get a good Bow, one needs to use the Hunter packages. There are no Beorning Jewelry sets...basically the Beornings are not well represented. I advanced my toon to level 50 and spent a long time trying to figure out how to get a 2H weapon I could use. There were 2H Swords and Halberds aplenty, but nothing I could use. When it came to Legendary Items and Weapons, at that level, there was nothing at all.

    There may be other issues, but this should be enough to show a need for some attention.
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