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    {Legendary Rift} Your mighty blow defeated Barz Solo No essence Gear Duel of the Ages

    Legendary day in literal sense.

    Surely "it was done before" on Regular server with Essence gear or At level 60+ Be guest and attempt the same without it.

    Level 50. High Elf Female Guardian ~ Regular gear, not a single lootbox Gear/Finesse 0/No Essences.

    Survived the impossible with adds. The Rift set complete. 28 Minutes. Was on brink of Death more than once, but her spirit burns as flame. It was destined and well deserved ,after 2+ weeks ago of Madness It is over.

    I always kept saying Fighter of Shadow is your answer to everything

    ( : Enjoy the Legendary clash.

    High Queen of the Noldor alone vs Terror and Darkness.

    Nobody wanted and she took the control and ventured within.

    Nightmare's End.

    ~ Song used: Blind Guardian - Mordred's Song (with lyrics)

    ~ Video Link:

    When time stands still at the Iron hill!

    What an intense clash, You cannot image how much it means for me personally I enjoyed every second. They came to her again, and again... and again. Defied death and destiny itelf. One vs all ~ Limbairedhiel of Ithil

    Vanya Sulie <3

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    You may have done it with no essence but somehow you have managed to buff yourself to nearly 3 times the morale a Guardian could get to back in 2007. We have groups "clearing" the Rift and wondering who the dude is in the room behind the defeated Thurlach, because the dps is so high the Everseer's mitigations can be ignored.

    I'm not so keen on your style but well done on the kill.

    However you mock everyone who thinks they are getting the old SoA original game.

    This feat just confirms my decision not to play on the LSs.




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