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    Physical Mastery vs DPS?

    Just returned after a multi year break by starting over with new characters. Keeping this to the non-tactical classes, everything seems to make sense to me but one: Physical Mastery. From what I understand now, my outgoing damage is a function of physical mastery.

    I choose a low level weapon or a high level weapon and it doesn't change my physical mastery. It used to be I wanted to use the highest DPS weapons (and going really way back, the fastest speed weapons) I could get my hands on. Does DPS not matter any longer?

    I read many threads here and the wiki and am still confused how this works now.

    Please help resolve my confusion!


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    When you've been changing your weapon have you been looking at the tooltips for your skills? I think you'll find that the damage of skills increases if you slot a higher dps weapon. Physical Mastery increases this damage further. So if you keep the same weapon and PM increases you do more damage. If you change to a higher dps weapon but PM stays the same you do more damage. All other factors being equal.

    Physical Mastery, for Might based classes, is increased by the Might stat (ignoring Essences for now). So get some gear with more Might on it and your PM will go up (tho' it may not go up by much). 2 points to PM for 1 point of Might I think it is these days. If you hover your mouse pointer over Might in the character panel you can see the numbers. Same for PM and everything else.

    Also, all weapons now have the same speed as far as I know. They dropped the speed thing ages ago.

    Someone with more knowledge of these things may be along to correct me later but I think I got the gist of it correct. It's all a bit complex for my old noggin.
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    for tactical classes, the dps on the weapon doesn't mean anything.

    for everyone else it's the number 1 stat.

    i had an argument with someone in the legendary server who believed his eregion sword with 1k mastery but 70 dps was superior to a 77 dps crafted 1hander until he finally wore one.



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