I am curious how these ideas would be received for balancing the classes
Unfortunately many of my ideas potentially require major changes, but I am still curious at how they will be received.
My thought is to have 5 main roles, each with 2 classes that can fulfill those roles. In this way all ten classes can be represented.
Hunter and Burglar can be single target dps
Beorning and Champion could be area of effect dps
Guardian and Warden could be main tanks
Minstrel and Rune keeper could be main healers
Captain and Loremaster could be support
When I say this, I am thinking that more beorning skills could be aoe (perhaps bear form can turn skills to aoe) in such a way that they can compete with the champion. I am also thinking that LM and cappy should have their support, buffing and debuffing, taken away and redistributed equally such that they can compete with each other as well. One idea I had in regards to support was that each line would help its fellow classes counterparts. For example red line (most commonly dps) could have mastery buffs, armor debuffs and some dps, while blue (most commonly survival/healing) could be healing buffs, mitigation buffs, damage debuffs, crowd control, and some healing in general.
My main thought is that each of these roles should be able to be filled with two classes that are equally good.
I am curious for your opinions on my thoughts. Thank you.