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    Legendary package for VIPs

    Bundle the one-year subscription with things a VIP can use instead of quest packs and I bet a lot of us will be interested.

    Shouldn't be hard to do as part of the Christmas promotions it cannot possibly take that long to prepare.

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    If one removes quest packs from Legacy Bundle, there's quite a lot of "premium" items in there still. What would you like to see in "VIP Legacy Bundle"? Items, services?
    With this offer clearly targeting new/returning players, I assume a similar package for long time players would need to include something new and/or exclusive, especially
    if the price remains the same.
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    The current package targets non-subscribers - obviously - more than subscribers. New subscribers would benefit from the expansion zone quests but will not benefit from the one year VIP until their current subscription runs out and will not benefit from getting quests in the non-expansion zones - they have those quests already.

    If you leave the price as is - the purpose of this thread isn't to ask for a cheaper package - there are many things that could be given in lieu of things subscribers already have.

    Leave the one year VIP as an extension to the current term - this is the main justification for the high price.

    Take out everything else that a subscriber already has.

    Substitute things we do not have automatically - maybe change one crystal of remembrance to two (one per LI) and/or add one or two scrolls of delving and/or add one or two blemished symbols of the elder king.

    Maybe toss in extra classes or high elf that are separate store purchases.

    Maybe more cosmetics or mounts.

    It just seems that most subscribers won't pay $200 for a package that gives them so many things they already have regardless of the value of anything else - it looks too wasteful. So take out the obvious overlap and beef up the rest a bit to make up for it.



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