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    Please do something. SOMETHING PLEASE

    Both freeps and creeps ive talked to agree that pvp needs work, so why not now? update the pvp gear?
    Audacity for freeps is now a thing of the past, in my honest opinion pvp is a joke, we have to wait a month for new content as the content we do now we are restricted to only doing a few instances Glim/thikil etc per week.
    Games population is dying, the pvp community used to be huge now its a dead because there is no constant fixing of pvp. no constant updates and changes to pvp
    We feel like there is no Dev caring about the PvP obviously you know its broken and completly rubbish form of pvp as everyone is telling you on the forums.

    Please dont make us wait a month for 1 instance that will most probarly have a certain lock on it.
    Give us PvPr's something to work for again, something worth logging in the game for again.
    Alot of people are screaming out here on forums and through tickets but no one is listening and putting work into fixing it, should have been fixed a week maybe 2 into the release of u23

    SSG please dont ruin this game for us PvMPs.

    Something has to be done asap ( even by the end of next week would be nice ) that way we have something to do other then locked instances over our Christmas break.


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    Yeah, I love PVP and practically "live" in the moors and have been really disappointed that It hasn't been the same since update.. living on the GV steps with only random pushes out because we don't have enough freeps and we just die. I don't mind dying but it's a sad case when you're just outgunned and outnumbered. Sometimes we have good numbers and push out and kill some then it's right back to the steps. There's supposed to be something done with our mits and pvp but think they were looking at after the new year. I agree that I would love to go out to the moors and have some good raid vs raids for Christmas break fun. The push and pull from GV steps gets stale and people get bored.
    Illywrath aka ILLY! - R15 Beorning - Originally from Vilya (2007-2015) and been playing on Arkenstone since summer 2016.

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    why next year do it now give it some excitement before the game fully dies.

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    Never fear....

    BAOS is current working on a giant defibrillator to try and restart the heart of Arkenstone PVP.....

    ....the dead, rotting, maggot infested lifeless perforated deformed heart of the limbless worm that is Arkenstone PVP......

    ...mmmmmm.. maybe not.
    The Black Appendage of Sauron



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