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Thread: Trait trees

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    Trait trees

    Honoured Captains of today. I must confess having retired for a few years in my farmlands by Dol Amroth. My sword needs a little polishing, as does my memory.

    Where do you invest your traitpoints in?

    Solo build: Red with yellow for the bleeds?

    Healer build: Blue, one handed with shield, and deep in yellow to get banner? Or red for the crits and instead just using a two-handed.

    DPS support: red, with blue for the healing? Or go in deep in yellow for survivability / banner.

    Tank: Yellow, with some red to generate threat through damage? or with Blue to raise threat with AoE heals?

    Is a healer build even worthwhile today? Are there any important things to note?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Best regards from Gondor,

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    Hey, welcome back!

    A captain is very versatile, you have alot of utilities to fit many situations.

    For solo it depends on what you're doing? Easy mobs? Go full on red. Need some healing? Trait the healing mark. Eventually take the stun from Routing Cry in yellow. Need more defence? Trait yellow, pump up the morale and use Noble Mark with all the defensive buffs. Your damage will be significantly lower, but at least you might survive!

    In DPS support of course trait main redline, pick up revealing mark and the instant double-target rez in blue line. As you should be buffing your fellowships damage, take the red banner and the red line to arms.

    For tanking, go straight yellow line, with revealing mark and the double-target rez from blue, and the Routing Cry attack speed buff amnd telling mark in red. You have enough points to spare after picking up the important stuff in yellow. Your damage and healing will be so insignificant you shouldn't focus on it for aggro as it, from my experience at least, won't matter a lot.

    Blue line healing is inferior to main heal classes like Minstrel and Rune Keeper. However with a group that's aware of your strengths and weaknesses you can very well heal groups. Here it's very situantional. I have a build with main blue, and then deep into red for the banner and with telling mark for easier instances. Next to that i have one deep into yellow for the yellowline banner and Strenght in Numbers for self healing. I personally use sword and shield for extra defence, without having to sacrifice my main healing stats (Critical Rating and Outgoing healing).

    This is a very crude and general guideline from my experience with the trait lines, hope it helped! If you want more details or specifics i'll be happy to help further!
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