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    Helm's Deep Expansion Price

    I was really hoping that Helm's Deep would go on sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday; but no dice. Still sitting at the same price, same as last year and as far as I can tell the same as it was since launch. (Can't confirm, wasn't around at launch)

    When is Helm's Deep going to be on sale? Or even better; for an expansion that is sooooooooo old; when is the price going to drop?

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    Do you mean the expansion in the store or the Website Market?

    Expansions in the ingame store have been on sale occasionally this year.

    The expansions in the Market have been on sale last year (incl. HD but excl. Mordor and Quadpack). There have been some great sales before, too, incl. HD.

    If you aren't in a hurry you could wait for the upcoming Yule sales to see if it goes on sale then.
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    It was on sale for $6 last yule at one point.

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    I have 2 characters that are ready to go to Helm's deep.
    The last sale they had was the Mordor Expansion (I bought that one) and Moria.
    I'll have to check on the next Yule Fest, maybe it will be on sale then.



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