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    Captain or Beorning

    I’ve never played the bear. Now that they are getting heavy armor, what’s the difference between a captain and bear? I get it, the gameplay mechanics are different but now they are both might based heavy armor dps/tank/support classes. When grouping, why would somebody choose a bear over the Capt, or vice versa? I’ve played captain since SoA, so I’m familiar with everything that class brings to the fight.

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    Why don't you make a bear on Bullroar next time it's up and see how you like it?

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    Why you would choose Bear over Captain;

    When you need aoe tanking (Beorning strongest aoe taunt abilities among all tanking classes)

    When you need reliable heals

    Why you would choose Captain over Bear;

    When you need support to group DPS

    When you need DPSers to survive easier with revealing mark

    When you need more morale on group

    When you need single target tanking

    When the group needs a debuff effect on them removed immediately

    The Captain is the most flexible/useful class in the game right now, and Beorning is on its way to becoming a close 2nd with the upcoming class changes. So I would say both are very strong



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