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    Spam email messages

    Since 2-Dec-2018 I have been receiving spam messages (Bitcoin blackmail) on the email I only use for LoTRO. This email has never been used anywhere else. In response I changed the email address yesterday, and less than 2 hours later I received another spam email.

    I conclude that the LoTRO account servers have been hacked and someone has access to everyone's email address on an ongoing basis. I opened a ticket, but there isn't a category for website issues and the wait time is several days.

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    How odd. I have 2 Lotro accounts, and so 2 registered emails, and have never received anything like you describe.

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    well, I'll definitely check my accounts. thanks.
    Are you being personally blackmailed? It might be your computer they got access to.

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    I'd suggest you go to malwarebytes.com and download the free version of their scanning tool. Something may be on your system and tracking what you do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tuor66 View Post
    I'd suggest you go to malwarebytes.com and download the free version of their scanning tool. Something may be on your system and tracking what you do.
    I run my own email server with different addresses for each game I play (or have played), and my LoTRO addresses are the only one I'm receiving these messages on, which makes it unlikely to be an infection on my end.

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    I would then put it in the category of "blind stinking chance" that some automated spamhaus managed to put the correct random sequence of characters together that matches this account. And since it didn't actually bounce, it got retained for further spammage.
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    I have recently received spam mail addressed to a name I use exclusively on a character in game. I have not given out my account e-mail to anyone. Could SSG have a mole?
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    OMG, I got one of those too, on an email I hardly ever use, but do have a LOTRO account on. I read it, LOL'ed, and put it in the trash where it belongs.

    I was really at a loss to see where it would've come from. This explains it.

    Not happy about it, I hope SSG can look into their security setup and address this.
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    LoTRO database (Turbine at the time) was hacked in 2013. Over a million emails were exposed, along with password hashes. The hash is not usually enough to break into your account, but brute force can be applied to your login.

    The reason there is a wave of spam emails just now is simply lag time. The wannabe extortionists just didn't get their hands on the data until recently.

    It's a good idea to check if your email was exposed (haveibeenpwed dot com) and change your password. You know, just go ahead and change the password anyway.




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