Hey folks, Ramsay / Aeradil here.

Been trying to muster kinnies up to test t3 rift on bullroarer to no avail.
I desp need people to test tier 3 with else we run the risk of having an impossible t3 rift going live, i had a quick look with 2 others last night, the dmg looks pretty funky, but 3 ppl is a very very ineffective test team.
I saw that galathriel now has 132k hp, and there are t2 + 3 titles now.

Please can people come on tonight to test t3 rift at 7:30 uk time, either clone and boost ur lvl 50 char with crafted jewellery, rift sets for example, or if u already have better.

Add - Aeradil#7737
to get in touch with me about it.

so far ideally we could use tanks/healers/cappies/1 lm + dps - i would like at least 6-12 to test it - preferably people who have vast experience with running t2c raids so we can get a thorough test.
I will also be recording it, no matter how many wipes after all we are testing it, but hopefully there wont be any.

Thanks for any reply and or help