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Thread: new relics

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    new relics

    anyone can post info about the new relics?currency needed stats etc.ty

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    If they are indeed Relics from the past, how could they be new?
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    I found only these relics:

    Brandywine / Landroval

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    They had a pretty decent drop rate in the tier 2 raid.

    If you can't get it through that avenue I believe you need kindred with Ered Mithrin and then it costs 100 Mark of the Longbeard, at least that was the cost on the first beta build. May be subject to change.
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    Ty guys. Seems they are almost doubled in dmg from mordor rare ones. Cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajfk View Post
    Ty guys. Seems they are almost doubled in dmg from mordor rare ones. Cheers
    Looks quite strange numbers to me. Abyss phys rune still got little bigger value, but tactical runes are better than abyss tactical runes. However all new runes have some more crit rating than Abyss runes.



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