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    Angry LOE gear after Mordor

    Several years ago, LOTRO devs admitted that radiance gear was bad - so why did they revive the mechanic as LOE gear? Once you grind through Mordor and reach the Dale Lands or Ered Mithrin, LOE gear goes away. While in Mordor, I had my LOE up around 270. Now that my gear has been upgraded in later zones, it's 90+. The result: if I try to help with a Mordath pug, I get nerfed by the Shadow of Mordor because higher level gear doesn't use LOE. Are we supposed to keep a second, underpowered set of gear to change into for Mordor content or just get through it, making sure we cover all of the deeds and instances so we never have to look back?

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    I think this is a very valid concern. I was thinking about this very thing tonight.
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    There is a Thread ongoing in Adventuring about this Check that out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymore View Post
    There is a Thread ongoing in Adventuring about this Check that out.
    Thanks. I figured someone had to have asked already, but didn't find that thread.


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    In previous patch notes, they said that shadow was only still around in CoS and DoN at level 115, not other levels, and was removed from Abyss entirely. Is that incorrect?

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    I haven't seen it removed from anywhere - it's still on landscape (but usually not enough to matter since they give you LOE 80 at level 120) and it's definitely still a factor in Abyss.



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