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    Well, the payoff is big. I was having a good time playing before this, but now I am obsessed. I'm rediscovering skills I never had a use for before and building more complex strategy and tactics. I'm eating food and crafting up a stockpile of healing potions (Wenslydale's a Historian). So much fun!

    I am having a lovely time in the Moria Waterworks, which is yellow for me at level 52. I am about to level up, and I'll take off another article of gear when my quests get to on-level.

    If, as you indicated, blue is more appropriately on-level for completely naked play, then that also helps slow down leveling on the normal servers. Right now, with equipping the Tortoise for crafting/tasks and then forgetting to unequip it, I'm advancing at a pretty comfortable pace . But sheesh, I wish I could turn off the XP bonus for VIP.
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    Lonely Mountain Meercats, On Crickhollow:
    Wenslydale (Hobbit Burglar), Leolwyn (Woman Hunter), Naniavas (Elf Loremaster), Chalcedoney (Hobbit Guardian), Aradeith (Beorning), Gydis (Dwarf Runekeeper)


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