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    The Handball Appreciation Thread

    +Cordovan didn't seem to know there was a sport called handball during today's livestream. Now, maybe the sport is not as popular in the US as it is here in Europe. Currently the US women's team are ranked 25th and the Men's team 38th, with a whole bunch of European teams placed above them. I do not expect this thread to survive for very long, but it had to be done. To keep it going, let's select a place in Middle-Earth and put a fitting handballing name to them.

    I'll go first.

    Rohan Royals.
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    I thought hand ball was played in a room with just 2 people? Is this a different game? I don't see how you can have a team in that little room?

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    I think we've sorted it out:

    American Football gets renamed Tackleball.
    Handball gets to keep its name.
    The rest of world gets to keep the name football.
    Soccer remains the U.S. name.

    also moving to off-topic cuz it is.
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    @Dinara - what you are describing, would be American or Gaelic handball (kind of Squash without racqets)

    The North European/German meaning is derived from the fact that the game differs from the popular english team sport 'football' in such a way, that you don't play it with your feet, but the hands.

    It is also different in its rules. In the beginning, you were not allowed to move at all while holding the ball. Nowadays, you can move if you are dribbling the ball, but still not carry the ball in your arms as it happens in American Football games. Also, the ball is not thrown through a hoop like in a basketball game. Instead there are goals like in the english football game, and a keeper to prevent the ball from entering.

    As this game is rather fast (the playing field is smaller than a football field), it would require agile players. I am in favour of the Leaping Loriens.

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    Thanks for the explanation Polymachos.

    How about the Derndingle Dribblers?

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