Hey Crick,

With the new raid currently in testing on BR, a group of friends and I are looking for members to join us for raids and instances on a fairly regular basis. We're split across a few kinships already, so joining a kinship is not a requirement.

What we're looking for:

- Any class, at level 120 or reasonably close.
- We typically play in EST evenings during the week, and varying times on weekends.
- We were raiding about once a week (typically Saturday nights in the past, but may be flexible based on availability) until we got sick of doing Abyss T1 @115 cap.
- Preference for players used to playing at T2/3 (or older t2c) levels, but we're happy to accept all levels of experience, so folks new to grouping are encouraged to contact us!
- Most importantly, we're looking for people with a good attitude, particularly since we're pretty laid-back. We might not complete everything, but we do our best to have fun while we're doing it.

We use Discord for voice communication, as well as for chatting/scheduling outside of game.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, please contact Leonwin, Brinuw or Vilanya via in-game mail or /tell for more information.