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    Yeah from very same notes:

    Races who choose to venture back into the lands of Mordor at level 116 and beyond will acquire a passive trait that grants 20 Light of Eärendil at level 116 that increases up to 80 Light by the time you reach level 119.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anjuli View Post
    Why has nobody mentioned that according to the Update 23 patch notes, shadow will not be active anywhere but inside instances:

    "Shadow will now only apply at level 115 in the Court of Seregost and Dungeons of Naerband instances."

    And yet there is still up to 100 Shadow in parts of Mordor Landscape. This should be addressed - it's clearly not WAI.

    And yes I do realize it's not that big of a deal for most players, and at 120 you'll probably be fine with the +80 passive, but for returning players who didn't play Mordor, are level 105, leveling up, they will have no light to speak of. When they are working through the Black Book (especially light armour classes) it actually does affect them, even at 115, 116, going into Agarnaith for the black book has 80-100 shadow. And as mentioned - it's still not enough for the Abyss T2 highest areas unless you specifically set aside some gear just to bring your light up, thus sacrificing other stats.

    Well I am also puzzled. Either they didn't word it well or it doesn't work as intended... As I said before, we had shadow in Abyss T2 lvl 115, and in CoS lvl 120 T2 on second boss. In both cases we used old pieces of a light gear, plus some new ones from Ironfold. Additionally drops from CoS have light on it, so one does wonder why would there be light in lvl 120 instance if it's not needed, right? Not sure what is the situation on a landscape...

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    From reading this thread I see LOE isn't as important as it use to be in Mordor, does that apply to finesse and tactical mitigation as well ?

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    Well the 'Shadowmometer' still shows even in Landscapes. Whether that is just graphic at this stage I don't know. I can't/won't shed enough of my remaining LoE Gear to not be in an extremely positive direction.
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