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    At 4rh last boss in Anvil on second phase you can make something like checkpoints.From what i see yesterday was 2 waves of adds before we reach the 2 grims left and right.The tank gather them up and went to one grim so no point of adds existence that way its only for dealing more damage to the tank.You can make must those adds to be gathered up one by one the waves or all together and to be killed with AOE before we reach the 2 grims.Every wave can work like checkpoint that let the main boss to move on or the faster you kill them the slower the boss walk something like that then we will be useful.I just giving you some ideas i dont know if you can do it.

    The aura of the adds in first and last boss its a bit too much btw for a melee to be close,a bit lower damaging aura so we can approach them a bit safer it will be nice too or else we have to move in and out to make our skills safer.

    At first boss also you can make must the tank to gather the adds so we can kill them with melee dps and then we will return to the main boss.At the same time the range can keep up dpsing the main boss while champions or wardens dealing with the adds.

    At 3rd boss at second phase if you reduce the damage that both bosses when they are together does or find some other way so the tank can keep them close then we can be more useful instead of going single and kill them one by one.The way it is now we go only single target so probably a range dps is better option to fill a spot than a champ or warden.

    Anyway now i can see what it needs cause i couldnt find a group to test the raid at Beta server so i just giving you some ideas of what you can do so you can make AOE melee dps useful.If the tactics that we dealing now will remain for T3 it will be extremely hard for melees to get a spot in raid and in the way the things are now they will be useful only for second boss.
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