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    Population Status

    How is the server population doing these days? Have the legendary servers killed activity? I logged on recently and there were only 100 players online. Trying to interpret that number. Maybe it was when everyone on one side of the ocean was still asleep?

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    The server is mainly European, so if you play during evenings/nights US time, you will run into fewer players.

    I check the number on the player page every couple days. It usually sits at 400-500 around Noon server time, so evening for Europe. Might go a little higher around 1 or 2 pm server time. At Midnight server time its around 100. Weekends I've seen 550-650. Keep in mind that the player tab doesn't show players who are Anonymous, so you could be looking at another couple hundred or so? Not sure its possible to count those, although back when glod spammers where active, a lot of players went anon to hide from the tells.

    I know of a few players who are more active on the LS. They plan on coming back once the raid is released.

    So I guess the server pop is doing ok? I don't know what the other servers are at to make a solid guess.

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    Lotrostats http://lotrostats.gefallenehelden.de/r10.html
    Stats for all 10 servers - data is gathered every 5 minutes. Graphs are updated once a day.

    I watch player numbers in the social tab every now and then... and from 4 pm to 11 pm (German winter time) there are 300 - 500 players online. I hope it gets a little bit better, once the hype about Anor/Ithil dies down.
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    The server *was* European. All servers are now located in the eastern US and as the only remaining English-speaking, RP-supported server, Laurelin is now very well populated with North American players.
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    good to know



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