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    RK 120 gear&stats

    Hello newbie here,
    Just hit 120 level on my rk, got some gear from boxes.

    What values of tact mast, critical and finesse do you prefer on late game dps and what gear do you prefer?
    Do i need to raise my mit? (87k/69k)

    I'm actually at 175,6%(225k) tact; 19,1+5%(138k) crit and 20,9%(60k) finesse.
    Thanks for any reply or advice from experienced rks

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    Yea, I am curious too

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    Since there's no way to cap all the important stats, and capping any one will likely leave you seriously lacking in essentially everything else, my best advice until the raid is to strive for balance, with say 25%+ crit (including the 5% bonus), 30%+ mitigations, 180%+ mastery, 25%+ finesse, 30%+ resistance, and 90k+ morale (all unbuffed). Running t3 instances may necessitate certain alterations, but I believe that's a good target for now.

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    Old set bonuses for +2 dot pulses remain best in slot. Currently on live i'm running 4 piece throne 2 piece pelennor for a glass cannon dps build, as sadly those are the best dps pieces. If you need survivability, two piece osgiliath is best in slot. Unfortunately they have made osgiliath no longer acquirable while still leaving it very strong. If you're unable/unwilling to do either of those, ~80k finesse, ~170k crit rating, and ~280k mastery are the stats you want to aim for. currently duplicate cloaks are easy to acquire from the longbeard vendor for 1 mark, put mitigation essences on that and swap it in and out as you need mitigations.
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    Thank you all for reply.
    Should be bit easier with upcoming crafted essences and gear sets. But i don't know much about them yet
    I'm gathering some universal solvents for now and keep doing resource instances for Dwarrowgleam shards.



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