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    Exclamation Minstrel's bubbles - the way to improve mini @FriendlyHat

    Minstrel's bubble scaled extremely bad, nowadays characters have 80k - 250k morale pull, previously you scaled rk's bubbles, now they are good enough.
    But you need to do the same with mini, cause mini got 3 skills that are absolutely useless now.

    Gift of the Hammerhand
    Cooldown- 2 min
    Give preventing bubble granting ~ 3500 temporary morale.
    With this cooldown it is not worth using it.
    Solution: Increase it to percentage of morale, giving it temporary morale bubble that depends on percentage of morale pull of character. Make it 20% of morale pull or simply increase it to 40k.

    Song of the Hammerhand
    Cooldown - 1 min
    Give preventing bubble granting ~ 4000 temporary morale.
    Solution: Increase it to percentage of morale, giving it temporary morale bubble that depends on percentage of morale pull of character. Make it 20% of morale pull or simply increase it to 35k.

    Legend of Helm Hammerhand
    Cooldown - 2 min
    Give preventing bubble granting ~ 4000 temporary morale to your fellowship.
    Solution: This is the last skill in blue trait so it should be strong enough to use it as a SOS skill. (cooldown is also big). Make this skill give bubble to your fellowship for 30k + 10% from morale pull of character.
    Change yourself.

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    I'd prefer minstrels losing their bubbles completely and getting a buff for direct heals instead.

    Imo, minstrel always was the reactive healer with several good direct heals, while RK was the proactive healer that was focussed on HoT and bubbles.
    Obviously, for this style to be balanced, RKs HPS needs to be better than minstrels, as proactive healing always results in much more overheal than (good) reactive healing...
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    I agree

    I do think mini should receive some type of direct healing love or bubble love. This isn't to say bring old bolster back but some of our heals are waste of an induction and offer no buff.

    Chord could be like 15% stronger and inspire fellows could be about 25% stronger.

    Remove raise the spirit completely or fix the HoT's no reason that skill should exist if the hot doesnt even give a hot only 1 time heal, you can chain he skill together ofc but its very broken atm and Idk why this hasn't been fixed after a developer madea acknowledging post admitting he knew the skill didn't give the HoT as promised in earlier spring class updates. One more thing about Rts it requires trait points to get a hot that isn't even a HoT so that's something serious to correct.

    Mini bubbles are one of those skills I use just because why not. the power return chance from aoe bubble is quite nice if it proc's especially in moors so they have there uses just very minor. I'd trade losing bubble for a direct increase in certain heals.
    I'd really like to see resonant piercing cry appriotely giving bonus healing to Bolster courage on targets in the area. I often interrupt or remove corruption off something and since I have crit high as a mini piercing cry tends to crit but the buff was so tiny if not none existent depending on who you ask so I stopped traiting it.

    Inspiring finish application. With a current healing score of under 1000 its something that could be buffed so that when we use coda for the -10% incoming dmg on target we actually receive some nice outgoing healing for the duration of the buff not just 5% aoe incoming healing modifier.

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    Bullroarer update has bubble scale with target's morale now!
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