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    Any hope on the horizon for Tailors/Jewelers etc? (Legendary Server)

    Right now, only metalsmith and, to a lesser extent, cook and scholar are worth leveling. Metalsmith recipes yield items with 2 or 3x the stats of items from the other crafting professions. medium and light armour classes are left in the dust by the stat capabilities of heavies, at least when it comes to crafted items. The only thing these classes can do is spend all day grinding for teal drops and Nadhin gear.

    This seems less than ideal.

    Has SSG said anything about bringing the stats of these professions up to snuf?

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    Thanks for starting this thread…...I was wondering the same Thing.

    For the last year i have been playing only Medium armour classes and when i started a Metalsmith char (champ ) 3 weeks ago and levelling his Heavy armour crafting skill i almost fell over noticing how strong his
    recipes are compared to the Leather Recipes

    i was hoping the 28 Nov 2018 Downtime was a patch to fix this but alas Need to Keep waiting.

    This may be a contributing factor for the ever increasing amount of Guardians in Middle earth.
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