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    Quote Originally Posted by xxSniperxx View Post
    Warden is already 2nd best dps in the game, basically neck-and-neck with RK, and champ is mainly used in yellow line.

    You want to buff these? Nice joke. I would improve red champ but thats about it.
    This would be a begining.
    It should be rk<warden=hunter <champ. On St and dps. Cause rks and wardens have a second role and the differences between range and melee should meanwhile be cleared.

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    The solution is not to nerf some/buff others but rather design encounters that "spread the pain" instead of depositing lion's share of it right around the mob. I know for sure that if I switch to assailment on my Warden for second GD boss, I do 10x damage cause if I try to melee, I spend 90% of the fight stunned/feared/punted = not doing damage.
    Also, we are all human, with two hands/ten fingers/one brain, and to say that anyone who can dedicate all of those to maintaining DPS is not at severe advantage to someone who has to spread between damage/defensives/movement, is just plain dumb.

    Game needs more mechanics that negate safety of distance. A few examples from Everquest:
    Summoning mobs. Mob yells your name and you are teleported right under mob's nose. Good luck kiting those.
    Belly casters. Means 100% mitigation on any damage coming from outside melee range. (Pretty much need to be under mob belly to do damage)
    Directional arc AoEs. "Gorenaire is about to lash out with her tail". Anyone still in dragon's rear quadrant a few seconds later takes mega damage. The further you are the more distance you have to cover to evade.
    Directed mechanics "Droga points his axe at you". Randomly targeted. If recipient is still in line of sight of mob several seconds later, massive damage. A variation of this: massive short range AoE firing off centered on player. (Means get the heck away from everyone else)
    Reflection states: mob randomly shifts to reflecting melee/ranged/magic with a couple seconds warning. Not paying attention = going splat.
    And so on so forth.

    I have seen a number of mechanics in LotRO that keep ranged damage dealers on their toes, but those are few and far between compared to those that only affect those in melee range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mukor View Post
    This would be a begining.
    It should be rk<warden=hunter <champ. On St and dps. Cause rks and wardens have a second role and the differences between range and melee should meanwhile be cleared.
    I disagree. Warden should be stronger in DPS in sustained fights. Champ can start directly with full DPS at the beginning of a fight. Wardens ramp up their DPS first as they work through stacking several dots. Its totally fine, if red champs were better DPS for fights that last less than a half minute, but for anything longer than that, a skilled warden should surpass a champ with same skill. Just because being DoT-based is just as much if not even more of a disadvantage than being ranged.

    For short fights classes with mostly direct damage like Champ, hunter, minstrel should be the best choice.
    For longer fights, classes with mostly DoT should be better DPSers, like Warden, RK, Beorning, Guardian.

    I'm not saying, that the difference should be big or that "having several roles" should not be part of the equation (even though I think it shouldn't), but champs shouldnt just be the best DPSer. Several points clearly speak for wardens for making more sense in higher DPS than champs (less mits, DoT-based with slow damage ramp) while nothing besides slightly worse debuffs speaks in favour of champs and both classes have choices to tank or DPS, so not even in traitline choices there is a big difference.

    The point about warden tanking doesnt make sense. Warden tanking has just as many issues like champ tanking. Both can be done, both have better alternatives.
    DoT isnt only slower and needs a bit of ramping up, its also more prone to reflects. You cant just stop DPSing, if reflect goes up. Direct DPSers can.
    I'd argue that RKs are not that much of an issue for dots as their damage comes quite fast... but wardens and beornings certainly need some time to really start DPSing. both roughly 20s until they are at their full potential.
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