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Thread: The Morriscenti

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    The Morriscenti

    As Chairman of the Morriscenti, I had a queue of Mozza/Smiths-like replies to the nonsense I witnessed on the 'How Soon Is Now' thread, I was sure Ethrildar would show up sooner or later and bleat 'Mouthbreathings' about B.A's and Wargs.....and hey Presto...he did....then SSG closed the thread -_-

    This is the thread to LOL at the previous 1-shot 'Gods'.......

    Their predictability.....

    Their sense of self satisfaction......(when they're winning)

    And Their UTTER belief that something MUST be done about PVP because they died....once

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    Creepside right now isn't that much better sadly.... lotta FOTM Blackarrows and mindless shuffling zerglings who think they are awesome because of how incompetent the freeps are.

    Its like a race to the bottom in terms of player quality and standards that culminates in either GV camp or mindless shuffle.

    The community on both creepside and freepside is dead, and all that's left is the worst elements of each.

    The Black Appendage of Sauron



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