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    'Recked in Rohan; any advice?

    So, I'm a Captain getting into the West Rohan content (skipped Wildemore except for the Epic Quest), and I find that when I was once able to handle two mobs simultaneously, I've begun losing consistently to pairs of enemy mobs and I can barely handle signature enemies. Something I've heard from world chat was that I should nab a lvl 86+ third age weapon asap; is that really such a key factor? If so, is there any way to consistently farm level 86+ TA weapons besides landscape mobs?

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    Yes, after 85 cap there was some stat inflation, so starting at 86 there's quite a large increase in legendary weapon DPS. You can check the AH or run skirmishes with lots of humanoids on level 86 to farm them.

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    Well, a lvl 86 weapon might help a bit. There is a dps gap of about 30% between a lvl 85 and 86 legendary weapons, so a 86 might help you kill sthings faster.

    Besides, difficulty seems to be overtuned in the lvl 85 - 95 regions at the moment. There are some threads in the "Gameplay Discussion" forums about this. I believe there are (at least) three reasons:
    1. When Western Rohan was released, we used to get point of physical and tactical mitigation per point vitality. This allowed players to have nearly capped mitigations. Mob dificulty was balanced against this. Later, stat derivation from vitality was changed, only giving a bit of tactical mitigation to certain classes. That lead to a difficulty increase in Werstern Rohan. Even before the last update, certain quests were very hard (e.g. "In need of cheering" where we help Eowyn against some orcs and a troll).
    2. Since U23, SSG is constantly fiddling with mod difficulty across all level ranges. This has lead to some serious issues - mobs are very easy in certain level ranges and very hard in others. It looks like the lvl 85 - 95 ranges became even harder due to this. The last hot fix was supposed to remedy the situation, but players report i didn't.
    3. Items were reworked, but only partly. This means the quality of items you get varies wildly at the moment, with quest rewards being on the lower end. People who get some stuff from scaling instances have less problems, because the items you get there have three to four times higher stats than quest gear.

    So...good luck to you...

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    I found that the L85 TA weapons that are dropped e.g. by the mounted Uruk-Hai which you can find around Entwade and along the western shore of the Entwash already are ~30% better DPS than the L85 TA weapons that i can craft myself, so they seem to have been included in the stat-adjustment when Helm's Deep was released. They drop quite reasonable, so spur your steed and good hunting.
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    You can also outlevel things a bit by doing the quests you can do, and then come back. I don't typically play heavy armor classes, so I don't think I've ever done In Need Of Cheering Up on level successfully, but always gotten through it. There's even a few right in the Entwade area I would come back and do later.



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