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Thread: Be Polite

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    Be Polite

    Fellow players,

    When you see someone that is fighting a boss or a mob with the obvious intention to go on to the next step..... which may be picking up an object, or removing a friendly NPC from captivity to escort them out.... don't go and "steal" the NPC right in front of me so I have to wait 5 minutes for the next one? If it is obvious that I (or anyone else) is doing a quest, please wait your turn. Politeness is a thing. The same is true if you see someone fighting a mob at a crafting resource node.... it should be pretty obvious they want to get the node, but got interrupted by a mob. I always leave that node to the person right there and move on - or help kill if needed - but I never would steal the node if it is pretty obvious that he is there to get it, and got there first.

    Also, please don't overextend yourself.... I was doing a kill wargs quest somewhere in North Downs, and someone was following me.... I took down 1 warg, and he was afraid that I would "steal" his wargs or something, so he decided to just run around the hill and get them all to prevent me from taking kill credit on one that he didn't tap. Didn't work out too well for him, because I had walked the other way already..... where there were ALSO wargs to kill, and got a nasty tell that I didn't help him. Looked back, and sure enough: He got whacked. Uhhhh you took on 6 wargs or so, and I took on 1 warg on the other side of the hill just doing my thing. Not my fault.

    Other than this though.... it is SO refreshing and SO awesome to see so many people all over Eriador!! Ost Guruth, Esteldin, and Tinnudir are DESERTED on regular servers, with the occasional exception of a person leveling and just going through...... now they are crowded again like they were in 2011 when I started! (2010, really but I created a new account in 2011 which became my main VIP account).
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    I have noticed an increase in situations like you mentioned, but also have seen many folks wait their turn, or ignore the node while I finished a fight. It's just the bad experiences that stick in our minds, not always the good ones. Either way, as you said it is great to see a game I have loved and spent so much time in over the past 11 years with such a (seemingly) healthy population. I can only hope this will continue for years to come.

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    Yeah, unfortunately, the folks that need this advice are not likely to visit the forums. I used to be one of those unaware jerks grabbing chests and looting corpses and just generally being an a-hole (back in 2007). and after someone told me in-game what a (bad-word) I was I finally realized what I was doing and changed my behavior.
    So, I think that's what it takes.
    Ya gotta send a tell to those unaware folks and chances are (after they cuss you out) they will finally get the message.

    Oh, yeah...Have fun!
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    I always wait my turn, or if I am there waiting and others show, invite them to group to share the mob.
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    Those behaviors remind me of early Riddermark days when I was starting. I've always chalked it up to 'free to play' rabble, but goes to show it's just gamers being gamers. Ability to pay monthly subscription fee for VIP server access is no determinant of emotional intelligence nor maturity in its players
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